RoboBrowser: Automating Online Forms

Python, Web Scraping
RoboBrowser is a Python 3.x package for crawling through the web and submitting online forms. It works similarly to the older Python 2.x package, mechanize. This post is going to give a simple introduction using RoboBrowser to submit a form on Wunderground for scraping historical weather data. Initial setup RoboBrowser can be installed via pip: [code lang="python"] pip install robobrowser [/code] Let's do the initial setup of the script by loading the RoboBrowser package. We'll also load pandas, as we'll be using that a little bit later. [code lang="python"] from robobrowser import browser import pandas as pd [/code] Create RoboBrowser Object Next, we create a RoboBrowser object. This object functions similarly to an actual web browser. It allows you to navigate to different websites, fill in forms, and get HTML…
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Parsing Dates with Pandas

Pandas, Python
The pandas package is one of the most powerful Python packages available. One useful feature of pandas is its Timestamp method. This provides functionality to convert strings in a variety of formats to dates. The problem we're trying to solve in this article is how to parse dates from strings that may contain additional text / words. We will look at this problem using pandas. In the first step, we'll load the pandas package. [code lang="python"] '''Load pandas package ''' import pandas as pd [/code] Next, let's create a sample string containing a made-up date with other text. For now, assume the dates will not contain spaces (we will re-examine this later). Taking this assumption, we use the split method, available for strings in Python, to create a list of…
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